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My Micro Shank is a smaller, lighter version of the popular Senyo’s Articulated Shank, and is a simple, versatile solution for tying a variety of small, articulated flies such as petite trout wet flies, low-water steelhead flies, sparse streamer designs, and small traditional salmon flies. The wire diameter is small enough to directly attach to hooks as small as size #10. Available in two sizes: 17mm and 23mm.

The ultralight, slim, and strong shank also offers a new option for tying surface flies and brings a high degree of realistic, articulated movement to small fly design.

Swinging flies for trout on one-handed or lightweight two-hander fly rods has been rapidly gaining in popularity, and for good reason – it’s super fun!

Sometimes referred to as the “Single-Hand Spey Revolution,” anglers are now adapting proven, traditional spey fishing tactics and fly designs to target trout in ways similar to swinging flies for salmon and steelhead.

Low-water steelhead fishing
In recent years, anglers targeting steelhead have had to adapt their fly designs to match the increasing low-water conditions in fisheries worldwide.

A lighter shank for designing and tying smaller, sparse flies is incredibly useful in these situations.

European fly designs
Anglers across Europe, particularly in the Nordic countries and the Baltic region, are creating unique and innovative small fly designs to target Atlantic salmon, sea trout, and brown trout. The Micro Shank enables the tying of these of these smaller, less bulky patterns.

Other uses 
Panfish, warmwater, and saltwater applications are still present, and this lightweight shank with an up-eye is compatible with all current shank models as an add on.