Jerry's Dirty Hoh-Steelhead, Black/Blue

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The Dirty Hoh is the easiest big pattern to cast that will fish with ease right where you want it in the water column and hook more fish in the most fish-friendly way possible.

There are three versions of the Dirty Hoh: Steelhead, Chinook and Mini. The Chinook size fly is about 4" long. The Steelhead size is 3.5" in length.  Mini Dirty Hohs are 3" in length.

The Steelhead version is also available in these colors:

  • Pink
  • Pink/Orange
  • Black/Orange

The Chinook version is available in these colors:

  • Black/Blue
  • Black/Chartreuse
  • Chartreuse/White
  • Pink

The Mini¨Üversion is available in these colors:

  • Black/Blue
  • Blue/Chartreuse
  • Orange/Pink
  • Purple/Black