Renegade Rods designed by Jerry French

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The Renegade series is a lineup of rods designed to be the ideal length and weight for the purpose. The action is a progressive medium fast that loads easily and recovers quickly. Each rod is designed with a silky smooth and a firm composite cork grip. Perfect guide size and spacing per rod weight with rod identification on every rod section. Every handle is designed to accommodate the basic human proportion making every rod extremely easy to cast, comfortable in hand and ultra efficient for the beginner to the advanced angler alike.

These rods will minimize the learning curve of the beginner with obvious caster feedback and an ultra easy high performance that the advanced angler will never outgrow.

From super small creeks for Brookies to small Bass, or out of the boat casting streamers, the Pieroway Renegade 8'6"-3wt, 9-4wt, and 9'6"-5wt are a triple threat designed to perform equally well in an overhead, single hand or two handed Skagit with removable bottom handles.

The 10'6" 6wt was designed to perform equally well overhead off the beach for sea run Cutthroat or single hand Skagit out of the boat for big Trout or Bass to swinging for half pounders on the Rouge.

The 11' 7wt and 11'6" 8wt are the perfect close quarters casting tools, for the Pacific Northwest coastal rivers with bank-to-bank brush to swinging for big Trout in Alaska.

The 12' 9wt was designed to be an ultra easy-casting big gun perfect for all Pacific Salmon, Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead. Matched with the proper head and tip window, these rods are easy to learn and excel at Skagit style casting tactics. Minimize the learning curve and caster fatigue, and maximize casting and fishing performance over extended fishing adventures.

Renegade series, the ultimate in casting and fishing efficiency and performance.

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